When we started off our company, about ten years ago, we had a clear vision – we wanted to make an impact on people’s life, bringing the comfort, relaxation and entertainment back in their lives and helping them enjoy their free time. This goals hasn’t changed during the years. Now we are even more passionate about what we do, because we have all that positive feedback behind us. We already feel that we are making a positive change in our customers’ lives.

Our office is situated in Walton, but we are happy to cover other close-by areas as well. As for our rates, you will be happy to find out we offer one of the most competitive rates on the market. We pride ourselves on prices that fit in your budget and results you will love. If you are still not convinced about our affordable rates, contact one of our office representatives for a free quotation.

One of our main goals is to help people realize that a clean home is not only prettier, it is also much safer and healthier. At Monster Cleaning Walton we use cleaning techniques that make the visible dirt and grime disappear, but also fight the invisible treats, hidden in your home – allergens, irritants and bacteria. This is almost impossible to achieve with products sold in stores. Experts highly recommend using a professional cleaning company to improve the quality of your indoor air.

We started with a small team of just couple of cleaners and since then we have trained and hired dozens of people. Now they are our biggest asset! A team of motivated, highly energetic, friendly and considerate people, who are committed to providing services that exceed the expectations. All of them pass a comprehensive training and their work is regularly estimated by our experts. For your peace of mind, all our cleaners are vetted and insured. You may be sure that we will clean your home with a great consideration and respect for your personal belongings.

During the last few years we got very passionate about making the planet we live on a clean and tidy place as well. Since cleaning is what we do best, we simply can’t bear the idea to pollute the Earth in any way. That’s why we only trust eco-friendly, biodegradable materials which are completely safe for the environment. They are also absolutely harmless for pets and children and leave no bad odor or chemical fumes.

At Monster Cleaning Walton we take every need you may have into consideration and we are doing our best to grant your wishes. We realized that your busy life is a good reason for us to become more and more flexible with what we do and especially with when we do it! And now, we work seven days a week, even on bank holidays. We are happy to work around your busy schedule and offer cleaning services exactly when you need them.